Sierras or Bust

Going a little cross-eyed with the desk work, so we took off for a few days to shoot. It was part of our plan to squeeze in some explorations. Plus Caitlin was just dying to get back into her itchy tweed pants.

The mountains weren't the most cooperative host, but we used the rain clouds as much as possible while trying to stave off the numb fingers and keep a dry camera.

Rain can't dampen the spirits of a true mountain goat.

On our last day we got frost and then sunshine in the valley.

We had some real adventures driving off road down to the beaches of the valley lakes. We drew a rough map from the aerial views on Google Earth and adjusted the drawing like an old time cartographer as we coasted on less than a quarter tank of gas and contended with 2 foot potholes. Here's to the road less traveled!