...some back story

You never know when you are going to meet your best friends. Caitlin and I stumbled into one another in Cambodia in 2009. We had one really good conversation over those tasty coffees, and I knew we were going to be friends for life. Despite living on different coasts, we've been able to not only keep in contact but do an annual road trip. We've put in miles all over California.

On our last trip in the Redwoods, we decided to take some costuming stuff and see what might happen. Around the campfire, we came up with this idea to reimagine the history of exploration (characters like John Muir, Tenzing Norgay, Roy Chapman Andrews) with women. Our project has themes that we are both really interested in - life after death, spirituality, feminism, living with the unknown.

We got accepted for a residency at Jentel Foundation in Wyoming to make another set of photographs. We are just trying to raise a little money for costumes and transportation!

If you are into it, please show your support!

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Thank you x million!