Caitlin's story

Missy and I first met in Phnom Penh, Cambodia seven years ago. We were both women on an adventure: trying to make our way living on our own in this strange city in this small country on the other side of the world. Our friendship formed almost instantaneously around a mutual passion for art, travel, metaphysics, and goofball-ism. We had the kind of special connection that's hard to describe but impossible not to recognize.

We've had so many adventures together, but this one we're about to embark on in Wyoming feels extra special. This project we're working on - The Unchronicled Explorations - is about so many things... It's about our disappearing natural world and the diminishing possibility of getting lost in it. It's about curiosity. It's about making choices outside of societal expectations. It's about the deep friendship that can form between women. It's also a feminist project: we're reimagining an early 20th century history in which women were explorers, climbers, scientists, and nerds. In doing so we're creating the kinds of role models we wished we had as kids.

Sometimes I feel kind of funny asking for money for something like this when there are so many other important needs in this world. But the truth is, art is important too. It's through our stories that we can imagine a different kind of world. As Madeliene L'Engle says, “Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.”

If you feel inspired by our story, it would mean so much to us if you can help!
Here's the link to find out more: igg.me/at/unchronicled