Big Horn Canyon

Oh, if you go up the road a ways there's a canyon with some overlooks, you can do a few trails, see what you see, sometimes there are some sheep or wild horses - said the ranger to us at a vacant visitors center outside Lovell, Wyoming.

With low expectations, we ventured north. Let me say, low expectations can be the recipe for unprecedented surprises. I will apologize for robbing you of the surprise with these pictures. The canyon is awe-inspiring.

Figure A.

In character, Caitlin... I mean Vostrum, took in the view. The wind picked up so heavily that we had to hold on to our hats and scarves. In complete solitude, we felt compelled to scream at the top of our lungs. It was lost immediately in the gusts from the corridors below.

Our shooting in Big Horn was only observed by some friendly little horned sheep. Not a soul around. Then a big rainstorm moved in and as we left to cross the mountain pass it turned to snow. Driving in the blizzard was a dramatic end to a few epic days on the other side of the range.

Hope to see you soon, Cody!