Medicine Labels: Dr. Slobek's Kit

The character of Dr. Slobek has been around the medicine field for a little while now, so she's stocked with the standard fare (iodine, malaria pills, ammonia), some staples from Eastern Medicine (acupuncture needles, Chinese & Japanese Herbs ), and some personal favorite remedies from the expeditions where she served as medic.

I researched what would be in a typical old medic kit and then added all sorts of remedies from Russia, Japan, Czechoslovakia, and Cambodia - pieces that Slobek picked up along the way.

Designing the labels was a feat that went deep into the night, but printing and pasting the labels on to many of the bottles that we found was really enjoyable. The final photographs, I think, tell a story about a curious worldly individual, who has sorted out her own methods and ideology for treating the body.