Spirit Mountain Cave

Missy and I have been talking for a while about shooting in a cave.  So I was doing some research on Wyoming caves and found out about this place called “Spirit Mountain Cave”.  It used to be a National Monument, but after Carlsbad Caverns opened it’s popularity waned and it was decommissioned.  Now it’s managed by the Beareau of Land Management in Cody.  So we went to the BLM office, signed some paperwork, and they gave us a key.  Then we drove up one of the most treacherous dirt roads I’ve ever been on.  We got stuck a few times and said a few hail mary’s as we gunned it through the snow around some switchbacks next to 1000+ foot dropoffs.  But man it was worth it.  We parked, trekked through the snow with lanterns, helmets, ropes, and of course, our costumes, and found the entrance to the cave.  We set up a few scenes which was even trickier in the dark than it normally is! Amazingly enough, we were able to light the scenes with lanterns and headlamps and they came out pretty great.  Can’t wait to show you guys.