We Did It!!!!!

OH my goodness, WE DID IT! We passed our goal! Woohooo!!!!

Thank you to Leang Yin, James Endo, Alison Pepper, Liz Caffrey and Derek Faulkner, David Blessing, Warren and Kristi Lamb, Diane Kandel, and Tracy Scott who donated yesterday and this morning, you guys pushed us over the edge!!!

Here's the thing: after Indiegogo's fee and paypal's fee, we're really only up to about $4650 (not to mention making and shipping perks). So if you still want to donate, we could still really use it!!

THANK YOU again to all 72 (seventy-two!!!!) of our backers! You guys rock.


with Swiss Le'Miss

... 5 days!

Oh my gosh, only 5 DAYS LEFT!
We're only $19 away from passing 4000 (out of 5 grand)! The next $20 donation would put us over....! (have you checked out the perks?)
Thank you to Yael Edelist, Theresa Chiu, MIles Washington, Kate Dunnigan, Kelly Carlson, Maya Owings, Peggy Newell, Amy Hendel, and Ariel Shanberg who donated this weekend!
To all of the 63 people who have donated: you guys are the best!

...10 days!

If you're interested in exploration, photography, science, cartography, botany, strong women characters, fiction, or nature, I think you might be interested in this art project Missy and I are working on. Plus it's a nice break from worrying about the election. Check out the link below.

Thank you to Sarah Capua, Ritik Dholakia, and Ava Bynum who donated this week!

We only have 10 DAYS left! Can you help us out?

Thank you!

Hey guys, we only have TWO WEEKS LEFT in our indiegogo campaign! If you've been meaning to donate but haven't yet, might want to do it soon!

If you are still wondering what the heck I've been posting about ad infinitum, check out the link below.

THANK YOU to Caroline Riess, Kathryn Washington, Judy Smith, Chloë Pinkerton, Sommer Hixson, and an anonymous donor who gave their generous support in the last few days! Thanks to you guys we've passed 60%!!


Thank you!

THANK YOU to Andrea Nuddle Fink, Holly Mosher, Isabelle D, Linda Kusse-Wolfe, Bob Bergeson, Nancy M. Dammann, Emily Detrick, Jane Heng, Andréa de Keijzer, Enoch Skinonframe and two Anonymous donors who supported The Unchronicled Explorations in the last few days!!!

Thanks to you guys we have raised $1866 to date! Amazing! That's 37%. We're hoping to get to 50% in the next week. Help us create more weird and wonderful images in Wyoming!

Donate here --> igg.me/at/unchronicled

“This is the coolest project! I’ve wanted to be an intrepid female explorer on the frontiers of the unknown since I was a little girl devouring National Geographics (and watching Indiana Jones hundreds of times)! You guys are creating what I have always had in my imagination! Can’t wait to see more of the adventures!”