Updates for June

A lot has happened since our wonderful residency with our friends at Jentel. Here's a quick recap.

Vostrum (and Slobek) were spotted in dresses!!

Caitlin got married to her mister, Nathan in Hudson Valley, NY. It was a beautiful celebration on a farm - surrounded by friends and family from all over!

Some people didnt recognize her without her tweed and trench coat.

Back in Wyoming...

Missy enjoyed the great outdoor, sticking around Wyoming for some Yellowstone....

And climbed Devil's Tower!


Caitlin helped facilitate a meditation workshop in London!

Then Missy stuck around and worked in Montana, because she couldn't bring herself to leave the mountains.

And that's Montana in late May. Snow covered.

So start of July, we are planning out the book, doing some writing, applying to a few more grants, and getting ready to launch some of out work from Jentel!

Stay tuned!