Professor Vostrum and Her Messy Desk

In our conception of the character Vostrum, we've spent a fair amount of time appreciating a world full of theories, wild hypotheses, and accumulated data. To support this, Caitlin and I have created a fraction of what Vostrum would have in her workspace.

There are graphs of tree growth and the speed of time, letters she has written to colleagues supporting her theories or dispelling her critics; small details like the stamp that she uses for her herbarium specimens and to label her books. All in disarray on her desk. (Not pictured, that's our disarrayed desk.)

This is a glimpse into the mind and world of a free thinker and a maverick. That's the goal at least.

Vostrum at work

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(First four entries from "An exhaustive yet incomplete list of the Publications of Prof. Naftuly Vostrüm")


Meet Vostrum

"Here began a period less documented and more difficult to chronologize. It seems that Vostrüm set out on a number of quite long and arduous expeditions in the name of Botany, Forest Time, and unstructured biological discovery. Having lost her status as a member of an accredited institution, she did not have access to funding, and she completed these missions by taking jobs as a field botanist and "expert", on various missions and explorations. She served in this way on several large-scale expeditions, including George Mallory's failed summit attempts in the Himalaya, Percy Fawcett's expedition in search of the lost city "Z" in the Amazonian jungle, and several marine expeditions with Jacque Costeau."

- From "An Annotated Biography of Prof. N. Vostrüm"

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