Roadtripping VIII - Montana

Picking up Caitlin in the morning. It was parting the great waters of Bison to get through the Black Hills forest today. The herd lazily moves aside and looks at you with disinterest as you creep by. I don't think they ever get old - on par with moose for me.

Roadtripping V - more

Omaha, Sioux City, Iowa, Sioux Falls...

Burnt and still trucking! I'm doing algebra problems for fun in my head, having meaningful conversations with my plant, guzzling coffee, and shamefully hoping to see, if not a tornado, maybe a breeze or a shadow.

Roadtripping IV - The Plain

The plains stretch out forever with the hottest transfixed sun.

I stumbled on the ultimate store in Kansas City. Behold The Oracle - a den of specimens, gemstones, taxidermy, jars, and bones. In the recesses, I found a Pitcher Plant - and decided it would be a unique addition to an office filled with curiosities.

Roadtripping III - St Louis

Rainy St. Louis.

This is my ode to the Arch - an impressive architectural feat, even more so in person than I could've imagined! Also STL is full of great sculptures. Residents pay a flat rate for water utilities because the breweries helped establish the city's irrigation and wanted water standards to be universally high. Check out the CIty Museum if you go to St. Louis. Climb around in suspended tunnels!

Roadtripping II - Kentucky

Louisville and Admiral Bicknell Inn ~ 1850s. There's tunnels beneath this old mansion that they used for the Underground Railroad! The owner is hilarious and friendly; we played with her pet hens and chicks and climbed the trees in the backyard. I had tea and relaxed on the huge Old South-style balcony upstairs.

We Did It!!!!!

OH my goodness, WE DID IT! We passed our goal! Woohooo!!!!

Thank you to Leang Yin, James Endo, Alison Pepper, Liz Caffrey and Derek Faulkner, David Blessing, Warren and Kristi Lamb, Diane Kandel, and Tracy Scott who donated yesterday and this morning, you guys pushed us over the edge!!!

Here's the thing: after Indiegogo's fee and paypal's fee, we're really only up to about $4650 (not to mention making and shipping perks). So if you still want to donate, we could still really use it!!

THANK YOU again to all 72 (seventy-two!!!!) of our backers! You guys rock.


with Swiss Le'Miss

... 5 days!

Oh my gosh, only 5 DAYS LEFT!
We're only $19 away from passing 4000 (out of 5 grand)! The next $20 donation would put us over....! (have you checked out the perks?)
Thank you to Yael Edelist, Theresa Chiu, MIles Washington, Kate Dunnigan, Kelly Carlson, Maya Owings, Peggy Newell, Amy Hendel, and Ariel Shanberg who donated this weekend!
To all of the 63 people who have donated: you guys are the best!

Props underway

Specimens have arrived, maps are being drawn, notes are being made. Not pictured: goggles, antique snow shoes, czech army parka, funny hats, ice axe, taxidermy. Can you help us pay for this stuff and more so we can make amazing photos? We only have 9 days left in our campaign!!!